Make a Difference


How would you like your model,
small, medium or large?

Steak Escape Sandwich Grill store models are as varied as the sandwiches they sell. Some require a small space with a simple menu and some are designed to stand tall with ample parking. The question is, which one fits your appetite?

Strip Center

Convenience is key. Customers appreciate the easy access to our restaurants located in strip centers. Approximately half of sales in this model are carryout.

Mall Food Court

The original model of the Steak Escape® system has proven itself a worthy investment since 1982. Mall food courts offer built-in foot traffic. Traditionally, Steak Escape has attracted more customers in this setting than it’s competition and now the Steak Escape Sandwich Grill™ has even more to offer.

Free-Standing Restaurant

Along with a comfortable dining room and a drive-thru, franchisees benefit from the significant “street presence” that the freestanding unit offers. The option of owning the land is always a plus.

College Campus

College students love variety when they eat out and appreciate our alternative to the same old fast food. Traditionally, Steak Escape Sandwich Grill has been one of the top performers in each of the campus locations it operates.


Quick serve restaurants in airports benefit from a captive audience that has time to browse before and between flights and are typically looking for a more unique menu offering.

Convenience Store

This model is our smallest and is designed to fit into travel centers, office towers, food areas, arenas and stadiums.